Cinzano vermouth,
Ontworpen door ;Leonetto Cappiéllo
Dit is dé absolute top in de emaillen verzamelaars wereld.
In Europa duiken ze niet veel meer op.Soms duikt er nog wel eens een op in Argentina,maar dat word ook steeds minder.
Ik heb nu 7verschillende formaten.
Het mooie aan dit bord zijn de diepe blauwe en groene kleuren,de topglans en het zéér zwaar gesjabloneerde paard.

Leonetto Cappiéllo;
Born 1875, Italy.
Died 1942.

134 x 90 cm                                                          99 x 69 cm
ABOUT THE ARTIST Leonetto Cappiello;

Leonetto Cappiello is often called the father of the Modern Poster. His posters are a sequel to the works of the artists such as Villemot, Cheret and Pal. The Italian born artist, born in Leghorn in 1875, became famous in 1900 and created posters in Paris for over forty years. In the beginning, he became quite popular as a caricaturist working for magazines. His style was humorous and joyful, with bold colors and he went on to become a successful posterist just at a time when the output of the 1890's had begun to slow. Cappiello was the poster artist to work in the traditions of the nineteenth century.
Cappiello had a clear antecedents in his style but he developed an entirely original approach to the means of portraying the pictorial message. By means of wide color planes and highly exaggerated colors and situations, he shocked, surprised and moved. He began his career with a very gestural style and then went on to lead the bold graphic style of the Art Deco movement as it flowered in the 1902's and 30's. He designed posters for ballets, literature, plays and music halls, champagne and spirits bottles and even travel. He produced approximately 3,000 lithographic posters, making him the most prestigious artist in the history of the lithographic poster.

In 1981, a major retrospective of Cappiello's work was presented at the Galerie Nationale du Grand Palais in Paris.

Dit is het grootste formaat, 168 x 107 cm.

Cinzano vermouth, 107 x 77 cm.
Ontworpen én gesigneerd door "Leonetto Cappiello".
In deze prachtige staat slechts drie bekend.

Cinzano vermouth by Leonetto Cappiéllo
" Cinzano"
90, rue du Maréchal Delattre de Tassigny
Blois - Loir et Cher (41)
"Cinzano Bianco"
Issy les Moulineaux - Hauts de Seine (92)

196 centimeters (length) x 96 centimeters (height).
77-1/2 inches (length) x 37-3/4" inches (height).

Affiche,Florio e Cinzano 1930.
by Leonetto Cappiello.
Affiche,Cinzano 1920
by Leonetto Cappiello.
Cinzano vermouth, 1.17 x 77 cm
Ontworpen door ;Leonetto Cappiéllo.

THE SIZE IS 100 BY 70 cm ( 40" by 28"inch ).
You are watching a lovelly and RARE!! Cinzano Porcelain
Enamelled Advertising sign. C 1925. Designed By Famous Cappiello. The size is 196 cm by 96 cm (77 1/2" by 37 3/4").
Cinzano vermouth 1930
69 x 29 CM
Zéér zeldzaam is dit emaille reclame bord van
Cinzano Vermouth.
In Nederland slechts twee bekend.
In de jaren'40 gemaakt door de firma
"Langcat uit Bussum" Deze heeft een tóp glans en bijna géén beschadegingen.